I speak with many women in my business and the majority say they feel uncomfortable talking about and working with money.

When we dig deeper I find that there are core beliefs such as –

I am not good with numbers

I can’t be trusted to handle money

Society, media and even our family can support us in our money fears. History shows us that the myths about women and money have been entrenched over generations. No wonder we are nervous and uncomfortable. I see so many successful business women who still avoid this very important and vital part of their business due to these misconceptions.

So how do you feel confident, in control and optimistic about your finances? One of the techniques I show my clients is daily money management.

Here are my top tips for managing your money daily.

1. Track your money.

You need to track your money daily. You can do this by using a simple spreadsheet with income and expenses being recorded, or use a software system like Xero.
By tracking your income and expenses every day you have control and a complete picture of where your finances are.

2. Review your performance against your goals

Use a spreadsheet to compare your income against your money intentions. Also, compare your income this month to the same month last year. Monitor your progress and be aware of what is flowing in.  Feel appreciation for your customers and every cent that lands in your business.

3. Daily mindset practice

Setting 10 minutes aside to practice a daily mindset meditation is an important step in staying focused and in control of your finances.
Sit, or lay down and take a deep breath in, count to 5 and exhale. Focus on your breath, repeat this 5 times. Say the following mantra in your head or out loud 5 times. Money flows to me quickly and easily. I allow abundance into my life.
Then create a movie in your mind of what your perfect life looks like, focus on this. What does it look like? What does it feel like?
Return your focus to your breath, after another 5 breaths open your eyes.
Focusing on your goals, helps to manifest them into reality.

Ensure you are managing your money daily and you will be pleasantly surprised with how confident you become.

Yours in wealth,