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I have many old stories (and some shame to boot) about creatives being naturally resistant to financial-ness in general and Cindy's warm, approachable manner and advice gently urged me to an empowered place.

I had an incredible AHA moment as I realised the current disconnect between where I want my business to go and the declarations of readiness I'm making (or holding back from) financially. PLUS I identified (and looked straight in the eye) a fear of bringing in more money than I know how to manage.

I left the session feeling excited about two simple next steps forward and reassured that I am equal to managing the grounded financial realities of my dream business. One step at a time (and with a sense of fun).


Jo Bolden

Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher

I have been working with Cindy since 2009. She is a thorough professional, diligent, punctual and accurate. I trust her completely.

Emily Hay

EcoSilk Bags

Cindy is friendly and helpful and an expert on Xero and financial advice. She sorted out my Xero account for me. I would recommend her services to any woman, especially if you have your own business.

Ally Thomas

Author, Relationship Coach and Tantra Massage Trainer Just Organising You, My Tantra Massage

Thank you Cindy for a fabulous session today!

I also loved your focus on gratitude and integrity, it makes you stand out from other financial experts along with your warmth and lack of judgement (It can be hard to admit that your finances are in a mess!)

So thank you for making it easy for me to be really honest and for making your recommendations into easy simple steps that even I can follow. I appreciate you holding me to account too (with your check-up call in two weeks), it's just what I need so that I don't procrastinate or fall back into my old ways...

Jackie Tweedie

Clarity Coach

I had a session with Cindy today and still buzzing with joy and excitement! Her guidance and expertise are invaluable. She was able to give me specific and actionable steps to move forward in my business. I feel inspired and motivated to act in order to let my business finally take off.

Dr Gulara Vincent

Writer and Momentum Mentor for Writers

Cindy is beautiful, empathic, wise, practical, encouraging, empowering.

Wendy Klason

Holistic Counsellor

 Wow!Wow!Wow! Is all I can say about Cindy's money purpose guide!

I was immediately drawn to make time to work on her Money Purpose Guide when I read how she associated money with energy and giving it a purpose. I think that this piece totally clicked for me. I have read many books about money but have never found one that came from the spiritual angle.

Once this piece was in place, I found allocating my fixed and variable expenses plus money desire was so much simpler and became more intuitive. I no longer found this usual accounting process so laborious and draining. In fact at the end of it, I felt so much in control of what I needed to manifest into my life knowing its purpose. I was able to come up with specific targets for my month that I looked forward to achieve.

Guess what? As a result of this simple exercise, I have been flooded with huge opportunities for joint ventures, speaking engagements etc. I was even able to do the same for my partner's numbers and we manifested new business opportunities for him too!

Thanks Cindy for your awesome work! I will definitely be back to work deeper with you.

Soochen Low

Happy.Positive.Successful Joy Expert & Coach at Soochen Enterprises

Cindy has provided valuable and necessary business support to my company for the past 5 years.  I can sincerely say Cindy and her team genuinely care about people.

They are extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and provide excellent client support and advice.

I am very pleased to have Cindy and Co working with my company.

Neil McIntosh

CEO, Austdan Trading Pty Ltd

A brilliant consultant and a brilliant person!

Anyone’s business would be in good hands with Cindy advising them.

Nicci Carter

Business Strategist at Maypole Business Services

Managing a home-based business for the past 28 years, I know how important the right kind of professional support is to my peace of mind.  I switched to ESC over five years ago and yes, they are most definitely ‘Efficient, Smart, Creative’.  But the difference between ESC and other bookkeeping services I’ve used is that I know without doubt that Cindy and her team has actively “got my back” – the kind of personable support that’s so helpful for a sole trader.  It’s the difference between just being a client and feeling looked after.

From HR management strategies to miscellaneous queries, Cindy’s reliably fast and friendly service is so far in front of any I’ve ever used, that I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Marny Bonner

Working with Cindy Taylor was one of the best things I’ve done for my business. She melds a highly professional and efficient approach, with friendliness, understanding and integrity.


Before working with Cindy, my finances were quite messy and it was causing me stress. I was neglecting getting on top of things because it isn’t my area of strength and I didn’t enjoy it at all. The result of course was that I was falling further behind in my record keeping and was unclear about the important figures in my business income and outgoings that I should’ve been on top of.


Making the decision to begin working with Cindy was something I only wished I’d done sooner. She kept telling me, “We’re going to get you loving your finances!” Cindy spent the time carefully setting up systems and teaching me how to easily keep my records up to date. This can’t have been easy because I had a number of different payment systems to integrate.


Cindy’s service provides exceptional value and nothing ever seems too much trouble. I will continue to work with Cindy to get my BAS and Tax Returns completed, as well as regular financial “check-ups” because I know my business (not to mention my own sense of peace around my finances) will continue to greatly benefit from this.

Kelly Hine

Body and Soul Retreats