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You are a savvy entrepreneur who has been successfully delivering to your happy customers for over two years.

Your business is growing and starting to take on a life of its own.

You want to figure out how to integrate your business with the rest of your life.

You are working extremely hard but feel exhausted from the pursuit of money.


Hello, I’m Cindy.

Creative, deeply spiritual and heart-centred, I am as individual and independent as my clients.





I am an Accountant and have been working in financial services for over 25 years. My passion is people and helping them shape the life they choose.

My experience in life has helped me redefine success. I am from Melbourne where I studied and worked as an Accountant. My success was defined by my new car and the cute inner city cottage I owned. I moved to fast paced Singapore and then Vancouver, Canada where I continued my corporate role successfully making it to the corner office with the spectacular view. It was when I returned to Australia and living in Sydney that I faced my fiercest challenge.

I had become a working Mum hustling to keep all the balls in the air. One day, whilst hustling between work, grabbing something for dinner and then collecting my 5 year old daughter from day care, I was stopped in my tracks. I received the news from my doctor that I had breast cancer.

The diagnosis revealed symptoms of my disease that were not in the medical journals and helped me turn my life around. I was functioning in overwhelm, stress and exhaustion. My lifestyle had to change because I didn’t want to survive, I wanted to thrive.

I moved to Northern NSW to be near family and took 12 months to slowly settle in. I just knew that the word hustle was not going to be part of this life. As a single Mum I needed to earn income to support my daughter but I had to make money differently this time. I wanted to work from home so I could be available for my daughter any time of the day and I wanted time for self care.

I opened my bookkeeping service and by word of mouth my business steadily grew.

Today, my team and I work from my home office with views over the hinterland, a cosy warm fire in winter and 20 minutes to the beach. Over the last 15 years my work has evolved from Bookkeeping to Business Consultancy to Money Mentoring.

My daughter is a now a young adult, in love and studying at University.  I am happy, healthy and continue to evolve. This is how I define success.

I choose

to do


my way,





I am happy,




to evolve.

This is how I define success.