Is Failure and Fear your Friend? 

Fear of failure keeps many people from taking risks and instead keeps them stuck.

Stuck working for a client they may not like or stuck in debt and not earning our true value.

I am now able to notice when I get stuck in my fear because my procrastination kicks in. I use procrastination to keep me safe and usually it’s when I’m up-levelling in my business. At these times underlying my procrastination can be impostor syndrome where I don’t believe I am talented enough or qualified enough to reach for the next level in my business. Its a time when I need to take a look at my self belief and dig deep to find my confidence to move towards my goals.

Instead of allowing our fears to hold us back, it’s important to turn that fear into fuel. One of the best ways to use fear as fuel is to recognise and face our fears head-on.

Ask yourself what are you afraid of? Is it fear of rejection, success, failure, abandonment, being alone, being judged and criticised?

Once you recognise these fears, you can then choose to allow them to paralyse you and keep you stuck or you can choose to face them, have courage and create a new way of seeing things and new possibilities.

In the past I have been afraid of failure but now I choose to look at failure as my friend. I can choose to learn the lessons along the way and correct my path.

Without courage, our fears and failures can confine us. Often our fears and doubts can drown out the little voice in our head that encourages us to get back up and try again to keep going.

We need to learn to listen to our inner wisdom and intuition. The more we call on it and listen to it and trust it, the stronger it becomes.

We all have the ability within us to achieve everything we desire if we find the courage to face our fears and learn from our failures along the way.