Happy Chinese New Year and year of the fire rooster!

When we reach this time in the year, I really feel as though I am starting a new year.  Up until this new moon its like I am standing in the shadow of last year as well as being on the cusp of the new year. The first few weeks of January provide me with time to tie up loose ends and clear the slate from last year. I can literally feel the energy boost of the new lunar year. It is an ideal time for me to start planning and working towards my vision for life and business.


How are you working towards your ideal vision for your life and business?

Are you dreaming of what you would like to attract?

Do you have a roadmap, a strategy set out to track and measure your success?

If you haven’t put one in place yet, now is the perfect time.


Grab a notebook, pen and cuppa and let’s get started.  Write down your answers to the following questions:

  1. What do you really, really want?
    • By this I mean, what does your ideal life look like? What is included in your ideal day? Work, family, pleasure. What do you feel is your purpose? Write it all down in glorious detail.
  1. What is your business revenue goal?
  2. What is your personal income goal?
  3. Where are you now?
    • Write down last year’s revenue and personal income.
  1. What is the difference between where you are now and where you want to be?
    • The difference between your last year’s revenue and your goal for this year.


Now that you have those all written down, I want you to take a moment to sit and think about what it is going to take to achieve your goals. There may be new services or offerings, increased marketing efforts, additions to your team, applied mindset shifts and more.


Are you ready?


If the answer is YES, let’s now look at your talents and purpose.

  1. What talents / skills do you currently have?
  2. What new skills would you like to learn?
  3. What services / products do you currently offer?
  4. What new services / products could you offer this year?
  5. How do these services / products fit with your business values?
    • Are they aligned to what you want to achieve? Write down how they make you feel.


We are in business to achieve our heart’s desire. I have designed my business to support me and my family and to be the vehicle that enables me to serve my community.  


I hope these questions inspire some creative thinking about your business and how you can use your unique talents to serve your community.


This concludes part 1 of your Roadmap to Success, on the next blog we will dive into your ideal client avatar, how to create your ICA and discover what problems you are solving for her.