I recently celebrated a milestone birthday and it got me reflecting on this wild adventure called life.

I started this business when I was 43. I opened my bookkeeping service and through word of mouth my business steadily grew. Today, I work from my home office with views over the hinterland, a cosy warm fire in winter and 20 minutes to the beach. My team work remotely from all across Australia.

Over the last 17 years my work has evolved from Bookkeeping to Business Consultancy to Money Mentoring. I’ve learnt lots along the way and I hope you can benefit from my insights even more than me. The biggest lessons are to do with mindset and how I define success.

I consciously choose to do business my way, with integrity and authenticity. I am happy, healthy and continue to learn and evolve. Right now I am studying to become a certified life coach!

I’d love to share with you some of my key insights into having a strong business mindset.

Be Clear with your intention

Is it your intention to be in business and to grow a business? The key to a successful business is to do what you love, serve others, and charge appropriately for the value you deliver.

Value yourself and have a clear intention to generate a profit. Set your intentions clearly from the start and allow those intentions to guide your decision making.

Find your unique value proposition

The secret to being successful in business is to find out what your market wants, and deliver that. If you’re not aware of your differentiating factors, it will be tough to sell it.

Be intentional with your attention

Where you place your attention energy flows so choose wisely and use it intentionally. Attention is a limited resource and where you place your attention is going to have a major impact on the growth of your business.

Place your attention on what is necessary to grow your business.

I find it’s best to place my attention on three major things per day. No more. That’s three things per day that I want to get done. And I make and keep a commitment to myself to get them done.

Serve others

The more you serve, the more you’ll earn. The more you place your attention on the quality of the delivery of your service, the more your clients are going to have a perception of value, and therefore a willingness to pay you what you are truly worth.

These are all things that I’ve struggled with over the years. Some of them I’m still not great at all the time. And I’m getting better by working on me and constantly and continuously learning and growing myself – age is only a number!

Yours in wealth and abundance,