Congratulations you made it! We have put another financial year behind us and jumped into the 2020 Financial Year. 

Over the past year or so I have been gradually moving my bookkeeping practice more and more online, allowing me to serve small businesses all over Australia.

I’m all about automation. I love to give my clients the time and space they need to run their businesses. The use of cloud based apps allows me to do that and I am consistently upgrading and fine tuning my practice’s app stack to stay ahead of the game.

One of the things I am working towards in my business for 2020 is being completely paperless! I am implementing Xero tax, esign for BAS, and using Receiptbank for all invoices/receipts.

Going paperless might be a little daunting but by reducing the amount of paper I use, I can improve the efficiency of my business. Digital documents are easier to store, manage, search, and process.

That lets me spend more time doing the things I need to do to support your business, and less time shuffling paper.

One of the other big advantages to going paperless is the impact even small changes can make to the environment – just by switching to electronic signature can save approximately 9.8 (big) trees in just 12 months!

At my heart, I am a passionate environmentalist and feminist – by automating my business and going paperless I am able to spend more time serving both my clients and my community.

I serve on the Northern Rivers Women’s and Children’s Services (NORWACS) board where I have the opportunity to share my business skills. Currently NORWACS are working on a Social Enterprise start up which will support local women who are looking to develop their own business. NORWACS also administer the local Women’s Health and Resource Centre which run many community programs.

Another passion of mine is Xero accounting software. My whole team is going to Brisbane 3rd to 6th September to attend Xerocon, the leading cloud accounting conference. Tracey will fly up from Sydney and Thuy is flying from Vietnam. The team does meet every week via Zoom conferencing but it has been 12 months since we have all been in the same room together. It’s going to be fun!

I encourage you to spend time doing things you are passionate about and to take time to fill your cup. It’s the little things that allow us to stop, pause, breathe and to prepare for what I know will be a 2020 financial year full of surprises, challenges, and successes for us all.

Shout Outs

We love giving shout outs to clients who are doing cool things and we’d love to give you some love too – so if you’re doing something interesting, you’re launching a product, you have a special offer, you’ve won an award or you’re just kicking goals make sure you let us know.

This month’s Shout Out is to Emily Hay from Ecosilk Bags. Emily creates the most chic reusable shopping bags on the market. They are cleverly designed to fit on the bag holder at the supermarket and still manage to look stunningly beautiful.

Ecosilk Bags make great gifts and at Christmas I use them instead of wrapping. If you are running an event Ecosilk Bags make great swag bags.

Here is a link to Emily’s website

Yours in wealth and abundance,