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You know that you need to be managing your money better but its not your ‘thing’, you don’t have time, its overwhelming.

I help women like you build a better relationship with your money.

I will help you get a grip on your numbers. My zone of genius is helping women understand and own their money story.

I work with you one-on-one to share my knowledge and experience with all things money. I can help build your confidence to make better business decisions and choices about your life.

You will understand how money and business go hand in hand. Learn to manage the numbers in your business and watch your profit grow. You can develop a healthy relationship with money and a healthy financial future.

I am an Accountant and registered BAS Agent, I have been a solopreneur for 15 years and I am ready to guide you.

In my Money Mentoring Sessions we explore your relationship with money.  We assess where you are now and set achievable intentions for your future. We dive deep into the abundant possibilities for you.

Each session is unique to meet your individual needs. I will teach you how to

  •  Get into the physical and align with your money intentions
  •  Direct and use the energy of money
  •  Feel good about making money
  •  Recognise the signposts on the way to wealth and discover your resistance
  •  Record, track and understand your numbers
  •  Review your progress and realise the incentive of profit
  •  Set up systems and processes to monitor your money

Thank you Cindy for a fabulous session today!

I also loved your focus on gratitude and integrity, it makes you stand out from other financial experts along with your warmth and lack of judgement (It can be hard to admit that your finances are in a mess!)

So thank you for making it easy for me to be really honest and for making your recommendations into easy simple steps that even I can follow. I appreciate you holding me to account too (with your check-up call in two weeks), it's just what I need so that I don't procrastinate or fall back into my old ways...

Jackie Tweedie

Clarity Coach