Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? In life? In business?

One major but simple way to focus your business’ purpose is to make sure your purpose is as clear as possible. In order to get clear on what your purpose is ask yourself these questions:

What aspects of your business make you happy? What gives you true joy? How do I serve others?

Take the time to rediscover what excites you and what you are passionate about. Once you discover what your passions are, make your passions a priority.

Make the time to do the things that make your heart sing. Rearrange your schedule to make sure you’re doing what you love to do. Ensure that you’re spending at least 1-2 hours per week doing something you’re passionate about.

These activities make you feel alive. Commit to fitting your passions into your schedule. This will help you to stay productive and inspired in all areas of your life.

What does this look like? Here are some ideas that work for me …

  • I go on retreats with other like-minded people or speakers.
  • I book myself into inspiring conferences focused on my passions.
  • I take time out to meditate and exercise.
  • I have dinner with friends and mentors who I love to hang out with.
  • I take time to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery on my front door step.
  • I set a daily goal and achieve it, because making progress inspires me.
  • I read books that make me think of the possibilities.

So what inspires you? Don’t leave it to chance, discover your passions and make a choice to be inspired by taking deliberate actions.

Live your life on PURPOSE!