I have started cycling twice per week with a social women’s group. We ride 20 to 25km per day at a semi leisurely pace on our local country roads. The scenery is spectacular, the conversation is entertaining and the side effects of this enjoyable time is that I feel great. I feel so great that I invested in a decent bicycle and all the accessories.


One of the motivating parts of my new activity is how fast I see results. From one ride to the next I am able to go further, manoeuvre through twisting, narrow space without wobbling, get higher up the steepest hill. I have only been riding six weeks and I am reaping the rewards of increased energy and deep restful sleep. Self-care is an important part of my business plan and cycling has become a major component.


Over the past six weeks I have come to notice the correlation between cycling and entrepreneurship. As I am tackling the steepest hill I can hear my inner voice saying ‘stop now’, instantly letting me off the hook the minute any extra energy or effort is required. I ignore the voice and keep going. But not ten seconds later the voice is back to let me off the hook again. Getting up the hill is all about mindset and knowing I can do it even if the voice in my head is allowing me to give up. The first time I made it to the top of the hill there were high fives all around as my fellow cyclists understood what I had accomplished. I stretched myself, overcame my limiting mindset and reached my goal. It wasn’t all about my physical fitness level.


I encourage everyone to embrace self-care as a priority in business. Included in my self-care plan is drinking more water, having a monthly massage, morning meditation, defining and aligning with my purpose, spending time with my tribe and pottering in my garden. What’s something you could do right now that will bring you results tomorrow?