I wrote about visioning your what, why, who and how in my last newsletter? How did you godesigning your business vision?  The why, who and how questions seem so simple but in fact are deep and powerful.  If you haven’t considered your core values and how to align them with your business I invite you to read my last newsletter.


Following on from the theme of a vision for your business I wonder do you have a vision for your money?  Is there a goal or map for the money in your business.


Do you have savings or a buffer amount?  Does money flow in but straight out again?  Or maybe you are struggling to receive money at all.


Our attitude towards money and how we treat our money is an important dynamic in our creation of financial abundance.


Reflect on these questions.


What are your money values?


How do you take care of your money?


I encourage you to use my How To Give Your Money Purpose guide.  It is an easy step by step to help youdiscover your money values and design a conscious money plan.


I strongly urge you to track and monitor the money in your business.  Use software such as Wave, which is free or Xero if you are required to report for GST purposes.  These programs have auto bank feeds which record transactions automatically.  It is an easy task to categorise the income or expense for each transaction.


As you perform the simple task of categorising you are focusing your attention onto your money.  Expressing gratitude as you perform this task infuses your feelings into your money and you are awakening the powers of giving and receiving.  Watch your money respond and expand.


Your money program can provide reports for you to review your progress.  Compare last month’s sales to this month and this month’s sales to the same month last year.  The surge of energy you feel as you see your sales increase one month to the next is the magnetising power that fuels your money.  This is the energy that you want to cultivate.


I recommend that you record and review your money every week.  Know where your numbers are at and how you stand financially.  Become empowered by developing a money practice that supports you for life.