Now is always a great time to look over your revenue and expenses and take stock of your numbers. How is your business performing?

Now is also the best time to think about where you want to go in your business.

Grab a cuppa, sit down and work through the below questions, it doesn’t need to be scary!

Revenue = Sales = Turnover. Do you have a yearly / quarterly / monthly revenue target?

What is your personal income goal? (This is different to your business revenue) How much do you personally want to earn from your business.

Do you know how much you are actually spending in your business every month? (If you don’t, now is a good time to add up all your expenses)

What is a reasonable target for your monthly expenses?  How much can your business afford? Are there areas where you can cut back or save? Are you ready to up-level and invest in yourself?

How many packages do you need to sell or how many clients do you need to serve to achieve these income & revenue goals?

Now that you have answered these questions you can focus on income generating activities to reach your goals. If you would love some help with this feel free to  book in a 15 FREE clarity call

Yours in wealth,