For the past few years I have been working on aligning my business with my life purpose.

I have discovered that my purpose is the main driver for me as an entrepreneur. Prior to working this out I lived a compartmentalised life where aspects of me were kept separate. I am a Mother, environmentalist/feminist, intuitive/Reiki Master, breast cancer thriver, Accountant/Money Mentor and more…


It was eye opening for me to realise I could integrate my life experience with my gifts, my education and work experience with my values. Not only have I thrived but so has my business. It has simplified my life and enabled me to be my true authentic self in business.


I no longer come from a place of push which ends in exhaustion. My purpose is the inspiration and fuel that I need to take action. And my action is filled with passion.


I truly believe that aligning with our purpose is the foundation stone to our daily inspiration. Without that inspiration we are not going to be motivated to take our offers to the world or provide the service our customers desire.  If we are not clear on our purpose we will not value ourselves highly enough to attract our ideal customers, charge our worth or become prosperous.


Do you live a fully integrated life that inspires you and your business?